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Changing the Government Web

A group called the Federal Web Managers Council, “an interagency group of almost 30 senior web managers from the federal government”, has written a white paper for the Obama transition team outlining how the government should be using the web to better serve citizens.

According to the report, there are currently more than 24,000 US Government web sites “(but no one knows the exact number)”, many of which “tout organizational achievements instead of effectively delivering basic information and services”.

So, what does this group recommend to change that?

– Establish Web Communications as a core government business function

– Help the public complete common government tasks efficiently

– Clean up the clutter so people can find what they need online

– Engage the public in a dialogue to improve our customer service

– Ensure the public gets the same answer whether they use the web, phone, email, print, or visit in-person

– Ensure underserved populations can access critical information online

According to the report, some of these improvements can be made quickly and inexpensively.

Others, however, will require far more than technology as government culture adjusts to the concept of being open and transparent, not to mention actually providing service to the people.


  1. Dave

    I hope officially establishing the web as a means of government means that access to the web will eventually reach everyone who wants it. It’s frustrating for schools to be in this gray area where we could provide great at-home communication tools for students (forums, learning management systems, etc) but none of it can be required because so many homes don’t have web access.

    Just lamenting the digital divide a little.

  2. Dave

    …as a means of government _communication_, rather.

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