Once again the FCC is acting to restrict your fair use rights under current copyright laws. The agency is considering a rule that would require some kind of blocking code be hard wired into every personal computer and other electronic devices, allowing the "entertainment" conglomerates to prevent users from copying any digital material. That includes a digital signal coming from your cable or satellite provider. And, of course, it’s going to cost you more money since this new "broadcast flag" will not be compatible with current equipment.

More than anything this plan will be annoying to many people and a challenge to a motivated, talented few. I don’t understand all the technical aspects of this proposal but I guarantee that one week after the first device with this code is sold someone will find a way around the restriction. Five minutes later it’ll be reported on Slashdot. The basic law of nature in the digital world is that if someone tries to block the signal, someone else will unblock it.