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A busy week (and weekend) has put me behind in reading the dead tree subscriptions I receive. Which is why I missed a really good article in the October issue of Teacher Magazine, an outstanding monthly from the people who publish Education Week. The article is about teachers who maintains web logs about their students and classrooms and, in many ways, it’s also a good overview of the concept of blogging. It turns out that teachers who blog have many of the same reasons for writing as many people outside the classroom.

I would love to see more blogs written by K12 teachers, especially those in their first few years of the profession. Their online journals provide a unique viewpoint on the art and science of teaching that can’t come from any of us who have left the classroom – no matter how good our memory is. Teacher blogs can also help foster communications between the islands that classrooms can sometimes become as well as let people in our communities, both supporters and not, have a view into the profession.

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  1. Vito Prosciutto

    Well that’s a big part of why I started my blog.

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