Well, that didn’t take long. Following Thursday’s district court ruling saying that "evolution is a theory, not a fact" stickers placed in Georgia biology textbooks are "an unconstitutional endorsement of religion", the Cobb County school board is going to appeal the decision. One member called it an "unnecessary judicial intrusion into local control of schools".

No! This is a group of intelligent people saying you can’t force feed religious beliefs disguised as psuedo-scientific crap to your students. At least not in school. Fortunately, there are still a few folks defending the rights of students to learn science rather than mythology in their science class. Unfortunately, if this idiot from one of the talking heads channels is right, there may not be many.

"Why should the state and the federal government have a monopoly on defining what constitutes science?” he asked. “I see no problem with presenting a creationist view in the schools, given that 70 percent of Americans want that. The law should reflect democratic desires. It should reflect public desires." [from Salon by way of Pharyngula]

Take a poll and you’d probably find that a majority of the respondents believe the positions of the planets rule their destiny or that playing their special numbers every week in the lottery increases their chances of winning. Someone needs to tell this "majority" that there are some instances in this world where their opinion doesn’t rule. One of those should be scientific study.