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Common Ground That’s More Like Quicksand

A writer in the Post speculates that the president and the new Congress might find some common ground, “ripe for deal-making” in the issue of education.

Of course there’s common ground!  When it comes to education a majority of congress critters on both sides of the aisle believe…

The way to improve education is through more and better standardized testing.

Charter schools are the magic path to improved learning (aka higher test scores), even if they use pretty much the same curriculum and teaching techniques as “regular” schools at the same or higher costs while selectively choosing their students.

Teachers are the one and only cause of bad schools (or at least the union members) and firing the “bad” ones while giving performance pay to a select group of the remaining will fix everything. Professional development for teachers? Sorry, too expensive.

And finally, schools that should educate students for their future using exactly the same structure they fondly remember from the previous century, maybe with a few computers and an interactive whiteboard added to make the classroom look high tech.

The fact that anyone believes “We need to fix No Child Left Behind.”, or that Bush’s train wreck of a law is even fixable, tells you where this “bipartisan effort” is heading.

Rep. George Miller, the outgoing House education chairman, is quoted in the story as saying, “The old days of defending the status quo have kind of evaporated over the last two years.”

That’s crap! The status quo is exactly the common ground when it comes to “deal-making” on federal control of American education, and it functions more like quicksand than a solid foundation.


  1. Tom

    Tim you can’t get me this fired up so early in the morning.

    • Tim

      I need to stop reading the Post over breakfast.

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