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Comparing Sides

The Post this morning has a good overview of the net neutrality debate, including some good information about who is behind those noble-sounding propaganda ads.

However, the writers have overlooked one big part of the equation: the greed factor. Their approach to the big companies fighting on both sides of the issue, is far too benign.

While I’m theoretically on the side with Yahoo and Google, in fact I don’t think they are to be trusted in this matter any more than the big telecoms.

Chances are, nothing is going to happen before Congress breaks for the summer. Unfortunately, they’ll probably return in September with even more corporate money in their pockets and even less of a clue.

Hopefully, the groups trying to educate legislators on just how important net neutrality really is can also make some headway.

Have I mentioned lately that I’m an optimist?

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  1. Tom Hoffman

    Are Yahoo! and Google asking you to trust them in some way?

  2. tim

    Any company is asking for some measure of trust when you use their products.

    In this case, however, Yahoo, Google and other companies and organizations are putting money behind the net neutrality side of the propaganda war. (About one fourth of what the big telecoms are spending but still millions.)

    In effect, they are asking for those of us who support the neutrality concept to trust their leadership in the fight.

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