Comparison Blogging

For those of you who manage the plumbing of your blog yourself (as opposed to letting someone like Blogger or TypePad do it for you) or think you might like to, the web developer’s site SitePoint is offering a good comparison of three major blogging packages.

The writer looks at the major features in Movable Type, WordPress and Textpattern and rates each for ease of installation, administration, security and more. All three require you to have access to a web server and be willing to do at least a little tinkering with the code so they are not for technophobes.

In the end, however, he doesn’t recommend one package over the other two.

No one package I reviewed is better than all others in all situations, though some do suit certain situations better than the others. If your blog meets the criteria I laid out for a particular package, then you should give it some consideration. Otherwise, try them all out, and see which one works best for you. The right package should be the one that optimizes the productivity of your Web content publishing: that’s all that matters.

I can’t say I’m unbiased in this discussion since I’ve tried all three and wound up happily using WordPress. But if you’re thinking of enhancing your inner geek and taking control of the back end of your blog, this article makes good reading.

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