I’ve scanned through the news channels (and Fox "news") this week watching little pieces of the Democratic National Convention. While my warped little mind believes I should be paying closer attention, it’s very hard to watch this stuff for long periods of time. It’s not so much the speeches, some of which have been pretty good, but the inane "analysis" by the networks’ paid talking heads. No one wants to talk about issues or how the candidates’ positions on those issues differ. Everything is about the horse race – how will one minor event or another will affect the polls.

I noticed that Fox "news" is claiming in their ads to have "the most complete convention coverage". If that’s true, why are they never showing anything to do with the convention whenever I get to their channel? I wonder if they’ll do the same at the Republican Convention. Another question about Fox coverage: why the hell do they give any air time at all to Dick Morris? I’m not exactly sure who he is (Consultant is the title on the screen) but he’s always saying something stupid – and not stupid on purpose as Fox’s blond talking ass does.

With all the hype and energy being expended, I wonder whether conventions are worth the effort. In short bursts it has some entertainment value but will anyone be persuaded to vote for Kerry (or W when the Republicans do the same routine next month) based on a parade of speech makers? It has been interesting, however, watching Chris Mathews going full tilt tabloid, like he was auditioning for a spot on Fox.

In the end, leave it to Jon Stewart and the crew at The Daily Show to put things in perspective. The exchange last night between Jon and Stephen Colbert about how the politicians dredge up their family’s past to give them working class cred was right on target. Maybe we should have the news channels actually deliver the news and leave it to The Daily Show to do analysis.