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Cruel and Unusual Punishment

In some cases, courts have ruled that people found guilty of technology-related crimes cannot use a computer for some period of time.

But forcing someone to use Windows is going way too far.

A man was found guilty in 2006 of uploading Star Wars Episode III to a torrent distribution site and sentenced to five months in jail followed by probation.

However, that’s where his penalty turned downright barbaric.

“I had a meeting with my probation officer today and he told me that he has to install monitoring software onto my PC. No big deal to me; that is part of my sentence,” he wrote on his Lost and Alone blog. “However, their software doesn’t support GNU/Linux (Which is what I use). So, he told me that if I want to use a computer, I would have to use an OS that the software can be installed on.” The monitoring software in question is only available for Microsoft Windows. Neither Linux nor a Macintosh running OS X would be an acceptable platform.

Sounds a lot like our IT department. :-)

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  1. Jim Gates

    ROFL!! That’s too funny! Thanks for starting my day off with a smile.

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