I have a big complaint about Blackberries. For those of you lucky enough not to have one of these things, a Blackberry is an electronic device that allows the user to send and receive email using a cellular connection.

Now that all of the principals, and many central office folks, in our overly large school district have been hooked on "crackberries", something very annoying is happening. People with the devices now assume everyone else has one and expect a near-instant reply to their messages.

Back in ancient times, when we first got email, people were happy if they got a reply within a few days. As time moved along and this new form of communication became the norm, the expected reply time to a message became shorter and shorter. Today, people with these hideous devices expect the whole world to respond within minutes.

No, I’m not whiny because I didn’t get a new toy. I was offered a Blackberry (I’m not "essential" so it wasn’t required :-). I turned it down. I’m already plenty wired, thank you. Just don’t expect my email response time to be measured in milliseconds.