The levels of hypocrisy in Washington have been steadily rising of late but this incredible bit of duplicity snuggled at the back of the A section of today’s paper sets a spectacular new record. Last week the Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee tried to bring up a vote on the balanced budget amendment – an amendment to the constitution requiring the government to balance the budget!

Ok, let’s get this straight… the Republicans control the House, Senate and Executive branches of government, three years ago they inherited a $200+ billion surplus, they just passed their fourth tax cut, they’ve squandered $200+ billion on an incredibly stupid war, and rung up a deficit of $400+ billion. And…

Since 2001, overall government spending has risen 23 percent. Defense spending at Congress’s discretion has increased 48 percent, while non-defense spending has jumped 27 percent. Meantime, taxes have been cut four times, at a price tag of $1.9 trillion over 10 years. House and Senate negotiators began work yesterday on a major corporate tax cut that could be wrapped up by the end of next week.

And they want to vote on an amendment forcing themselves to do a job they have the control and authority to do anyway! So why didn’t they take the vote? The "leadership" was afraid it might call attention to the deficit. Isn’t it about time SOMEONE paid attention to it!!

I’m going to lie down and rest my cynicism before the "debate".