I don’t pay much attention to advertising (especially car ads!). But I do stop the TV scan long enough to watch movie trailers. A few days ago one came around for a film called Marci X starring Damon Wayans and Lisa Kudrow. It didn’t look like anything special, the kind of film I might watch when it gets to free TV, if there’s nothing else going on. But I also had this strange feeling that I’d already seen this film before or at least the trailer.

This morning the reason why it seemed familiar snapped back into my warped little mind. A couple of years ago I was in Tower Records where some marketing guy was asking people to look at some movie trailers and give their opinions (something I’m very good at!). The trailer for Marci X was one of them. All of which means that this movie was made over two years ago and is just now being released at the tail end of the summer season. And that this turkey will be in your local video rental rack long before Thanksgiving.