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Do You Really Want To Know How It’s Made?

Evidently, this month is the 40th birthday of the Slurpee, that frozen flavored sugar water featured at 7-Eleven stores. You know – the beverage some of your students drink for breakfast. A few probably buy the citrus favor thinking it contains vitamin C.

Once upon a time, in an ancient life, I worked for a competitor to 7-Eleven, Circle K, and one of my responsibilities was making the mixture that went into their version of the Slurpee (I think it was called Icee). Here now, I reveal that mystery recipe.

1. Take a five gallon bucket and fill it with water.
2. Dump in a five pound bag of sugar and mix well.
3. Dump the mixture in the top of the machine (trying hard to avoid spilling any of it on you since it’s very hard to work in wet sticky shoes).
4. Let it mix and freeze for a few minutes.
5. Dispense into a smaller bucket (aka the biggest cup you can find) with a tablespoon or two of artificial color and flavoring.

Working in the stores that summer had a big impression on me. I’ve never had one of these things since.

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  1. nyceducator

    Wow. Who would’ve thunk it?

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