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Don’t Call My Kid an Auto Mechanic

There’s no surprise here: schools are dropping auto shop classes, mainly due to the cost but also because of the overwhelming emphasis on getting every student through a college prep curriculum. But what if a kid has a talent for repairing cars, building houses or electrical work? What if a student would be better off not going to college? The first year I started teaching in this area I found out very quickly that you don’t ever suggest to a parent in this neighborhood that their child is anything less than college material. But if we’re really going to serve every student, we must realize that not all kids should be going to college and that they should have the alternative to learn vocational skills. Yes, I’m a heretic!


  1. habolt

    The way things are I wish I would have followed a path into the trades rather than going to college.

    I have spent almost 20 years in Information Technology, only to have the salaries drop, and jobs moved offshore.

    You can’t send your car to India to have it fixed. If you need plumbing work done you have to find someone local.

    It is getting harder to find qualified trades people, since the focus is on everyone going to college, so there is more demand for trades people, and no one to fill the positions.

    Within a few years, auto techs will be demanding cardiac surgeon wages, and getting it

  2. brian a burns

    theproblem with this counrty today is every one wants to a rich, how about loving what you do…. c’mon guys i started out as a cleaner in a repair shop at 16 today i own and operate a very nice auto shop. hell no one with a college degree or any other degree could ever hop to acheive what i have with american elbow grease. get dirty america learn a hands on trade not a hand out one.

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