My home state of Arizona has always had more than it’s share of idiots. But one thing that always showed off just how stupid people can be was on those rare times when the heavy rains came. Dumping a couple of inches of rain on the desert, especially when man has altered the landscape, results in the arroyos (dry riverbeds) suddenly flowing again. Inevitably, there are always a few jerks who ignore police warnings not to cross these newly formed rivers and always many of the same jerks get caught in the flow and have to be rescued.

In 1995, the state recognized these monuments to cluelessness by passing the Stupid Motorist Law, which basically says if you ignore the warnings and have to be rescued, you will pay for that service. This week, Maricopa county (the metropolitan area of Phoenix) invoked that law for the first time when they had to pull some idiot and his Hummer (not to mention his three kids) out of a flooded stream when he ignored barriers and plowed right ahead. They should probably charge this jerk twice – once for driving into flowing water and once for buying the piece of crap in the first place.