Since I’m not good at live blogging, these are main ideas based on my notes (and thoughts) from the first discussion I sat in on at the EduBloggerCon this morning.

The theme was “expanding the circle” and we focused on how we can bring other educators to use web 2.0 tools, both for their instruction and for their professional reflection.

As several people pointed out, there are many barriers to overcome: perceived lack of time, fear of writing in public, not seeing a connection to the “standards”, and more.

To “sell” the product we need to take a variety of approaches including one-to-one mentoring, creating associations with familiar teaching techniques, find the hooks to web 2.0.

One person (and I apologize for not connecting all the new names and faces) offered the wonderful concept of allowing those new to this to bring all their old “junk”. In other words, use their familiar pictures, music and more to make the transition comfortable.

At the same time, we need to get administrators and other school leaders to buy in. Go for the top down as well as the grass roots, bottom up.

I think everyone around the circle agreed with the idea that these tools may change but they’re not going away.

We need to convince a variety of audiences – teachers, administrators, parents, students – to buy into using these tools.

Great discussion. The only problem was that it wasn’t long enough, although the conversations will continue.

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