The discussions and events of yesterday continue to roll around in my head, especially as I’ve been reading the impressions from many other folks that have been popping up in my RSS stream.

I’m sorry I missed the the morning session Future Schools led by David Warlick. Mark at Educational Technology and Life has a good summary in addition to the notes in the wiki.

I like the statement that we’re creating opportunities for students to show us that we are done with a class, although I would prefer saying that they’re showing when they are ready to move on.

One important question raised was “What does assessment 2.0 look like?”. It’s a critical issue to be addressed if we’re going to have any hope of getting these new communications tools into the classroom in the face of an increasingly standardized test driven curriculum.

While that was going on, a small group of us we’re trading ideas about working with WordPress as a blogging and site management tool in another room.

That conversation was also time well spent, especially since I got to talk to Anne Davis, one of my edublogging gurus, especially when it comes to working at the elementary level.

The one regret that I have for the whole day was that I had to leave before the wrap up session was finished.

We’d been invited by the folks at Tom Snyder Production to go on a dinner cruise around (and around, and around…) the Lake at Stone Mountain Park and if I’d stayed the bus would have left without us (long walk to the park).


The food wasn’t all that great (never is on these things) but I just like cruising lazily around any body of water. Great way to relax and think after a long, rewarding day.

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