As time allows this week I’ve been sifting through my notes, links, and thoughts from this past weekend at Educon, two days and one evening that flashed by very quickly.

Although I haven’t landed on any Eureka! moments yet, this fourth edition of the conference had a slightly different feel to it, in a very positive direction.

In it’s short life, Educon has always been very unlike other professional gatherings I attend, small with an energetic, slightly chaotic atmosphere.  Unlike most education conferences, almost all of us spent those few days in Philly to connect live with some of the people currently in our virtual networks.

A running unwritten theme woven throughout the discussions, both scheduled and not, was a search for ways to change the direction of education policy at all levels.  No one walked away from SLA with definitive answers to that problem, of course, but maybe some of the seeds sown will grow into solutions.

If that positive attitude I always get from Educon hangs around for a while, I have a few ideas of my own, based on several sessions and many conversations, that will form the basis of another post still getting organized in my disheveled head.

Anyway, that’s my first rambling pass at making meaning out of the weekend.

Now go read what some of my fellow attendees learned at Educon, especially Chris, our host, who does a great job of putting everything in context.