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EduCon Proposal

Since EduCon 2.2 proposals were due today, of course I submitted mine just a few hours ago. Nothing new… I usually do my other homework assignments at the last minute as well. :-)

EduCon is something unique among the many education-related conferences out there.

Sessions don’t involved being lectured at or about playing with the coolest new tools. It’s all about the “opportunity to discuss and debate ideas” dealing with just about anything to do with education and learning.

Anyway, my little proposal borrows ideas from the book Disrupting Class, in which the authors note that we’ve spent a lot of money on computers for classrooms while getting very little change.

In the book Disrupting Class, the authors make the observation “While people have spent billions of dollars putting computers into schools, it has resulted in little change in how students learn.”

They also ask “Why haven’t computers brought about a transformation in schools the way they have in other areas of life?”

Excellent question. Certainly there are plenty of answers, including this one also from Disrupting Class “…the way schools have employed computers has been perfectly predictable, perfectly logical – and perfectly wrong.”

But the focus of this session will not be about placing blame. Instead let’s discuss what we can do and what is being done to change things. Come join us for a discussion centered on these ideas and bring any and all ideas, whether from your personal experience or elsewhere. Invite your friends and colleagues who aren’t attending EduCon to be part of the conversation from wherever they are.

With any luck, the program will see fit to include that in the agenda. I did a session at the first iteration of EduCon and it was a great experience.

If you haven’t made your plans to attend EduCon, do it now. If you’re not able to come to Philly in January, watch for how to participate from wherever you are through a variety of back channels.


  1. Diane Cordell

    I’m registered and would love to be a part of the discussion you’re proposing. Hope to see you there!

  2. Patrick

    Be sure to show the scene from the recent Star Trek movie with young Spock at school in Vulcan where he is in a hole (by himself) surrounded by computers asking him questions. Every student in class is in similar holes, and the teacher just walks around watching everyone be drilled by computers.

    Obviously, Vulcan has adopted Christensen’s view of the role of computers in education.

    And you know how smart Vulcans are, so it must work…..

  3. Tim

    I never said I accepted EVERYTHING in the book. However, IMHO, they just happen to be right about the pieces I want to use to jump start the conversation in this particular session. Of course, it’s possible my observations are wrong and the discussion will center on just how full of crap I am. :-)

    Will you be coming to EduCon in Philly, Patrick? If not, I hope you’ll join us through the back channel.

  4. Patrick

    Sounds like a good conference- will definitely be interested in participating in some form.

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