Before I can go to sleep (and while the pills are beating back my headache), I need to post a couple of thoughts on this weekend’s EduCon 2.1.

None of this will be about the actual content of the discussions. I need to spend some time reviewing the archives and my notes, not to mention the posts and tweets by other members of the group.

After the excellent experience last year, I was a little worried that the sophomore event might suffer from growth.

That’s what happened to EduBloggerCon, the NECC pre-event that was a wonderful meet-up with 70 people in its first year. When the numbers jumped to 200+ the second time around, it was more like another day of conference sessions than a collection of discussions.

The same thing didn’t happen to EduCon.

Chris and his planners did a great job of growing the number of participants, adding some additional structure, and still keeping the conversational feeling.

Something else that’s been running around my head most of the weekend, is that I need to do some additional work on my personal network.

At a minimum, that probably means rebuilding my aggregator and Twitter feed. It will probably also include some re-evaluation of what I’m doing with this space.

Anyway, that’s enough reflecting for tonight. More EduCon thought dumping later.

In the meantime, the dates for EduCon 2.2 have already been set for January 29 – 31, 2010, again in beautiful Philadelphia (sorry to whoever tweeted about a change in venue to the Bahamas :-).

If you’re at all interested in the reform of public education, plan to join us. Better yet, be part of planning the weekend.