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Ever Heard of Web Standards?

Remember back not too long ago when many web sites you visited had a disclaimer somewhere on their main page declaring their site worked best with Internet Explorer (or Netscape)?

Or you got a generic, text-only page informing you that the site would only function with IE?

The IT department here in the overly-large school district certainly feels the nostalgia for those olden days.

Case in point, today I sent a note to the “service” desk to let them know that the server hosting their intranet pages was down, and included a shot of the error message from Firefox.

It’s working fine, they told me a few minutes later*, and that our “resources are compatible with Internet Explorer, and not guaranteed to work at all times with any other browser (Firefox, Opera, Safari)”.

Welcome to 1999.

* It wasn’t, BTW.


  1. Tim Lauer

    Wow… That is so crazy…

  2. Katie

    Sounds like our (next door to you) large school district. Our CMS (Schoolwires) does not work properly with Firefox or Safari or on any Mac. We’ve tried for 3 years to get the issues resolved, but we are just ignored.

  3. Snippety Gibbet

    Did you see this on “Boing, Boing”? I read it this morning and it reminded me of your post about browsers: http://www.boingboing.net/2009/07/14/state-department-app.html

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