I’ve been a Macintosh user for a long time, going back to my first machine (with a whopping 512K of RAM!) purchased the year after they were introduced in 1985. And for most of that time I’ve had to put up with all the usual crap about computers run by the Big Monopoly having more users, more software and the machines being less expensive. Of course we all know that being cheap and popular always equates to high quality – but that’s another rant.

Recently, however, some of the tech press has actually been writing some complementary things about Macs including this article from Wired that describes how Virginia Tech is turning 1100 G5s into a supercomputer that will be among the fastest. It seems that not only did the G5 offer equal or better performance than the alternatives, it was also less expensive. If this gets around my status around the office as an oddball may be in jeopardy.