Kevin Drum offers more solid evidence of why math and science education is in such rotten shape in this country, especially at the elementary level. This is what Laura Bush has to say about women and math.

I was not a very good math teacher and I think that’s kind of a problem in elementary schools. A lot of — especially women teachers — are great in language arts and not so great in math."

En route to Washington, Bush clarified her remark. "That is a stereotype," she said, "but I think that actually is also proven."

Bad math teaching in elementary school is not "kind of a problem" – it’s a big one. However, between her, the president of Harvard University (who said women are by nature less capable than men in the sciences), and the fact that most people probably believe Mrs. W’s stereotype that is "proven",* the situation is not likely to improve anytime soon.

* Is that an oxymoron? :-)