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Fool’s Gold

Richard Cohen’s column in this morning’s Post is a great counter-point to the more than $40 million coronation now going on a few miles up the road from here.

Alchemy is the purported science of turning base metals into gold. It does not exist. Political alchemy is the ability to turn hard failures into gossamer triumphs. It does exist. The inauguration of George W. Bush for a second term proves it.

Bush’s unsurpassed achievement has been in turning fantasy into reality, failure into success. He strides the world stage, a smile on his face and a mandate in his pocket. Behold the gold! What, you don’t see it? No matter. Washington does.

Four more years indeed.


  1. JennyD

    There is some argument that in 2005 dollars, Clinton’s coronations were more expensive than Bush’s. Is it still bad if that is true?

  2. Tim

    I have no doubt that if Kerry had won, the Democrats would have had some lavish parties, although probably not as in-your-face as the ones being thrown this week.

    I haven’t seen any figures showing Clinton’s inauguration parties were more or less expensive than W’s (in any kind of dollars). However, no matter which side throws them, large affairs paid for by lobbyists are a pretty bad way to run the government.

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