Live Television Reports – Is it really necessary for a reporter to do a "live" report from a location where something happened hours ago and nothing is happening now? Or, as one of our local stations does, from the next room!

Live Television Reports in a Hurricane – These guys are just plain nuts but not as crazy as the people they find to interview out there. Tom Tomorrow finds them even more annoying than I do.

The Democratic Presidential Candidates – And now there are ten. I can’t even name half of them. I’ll start paying attention in six months but I’d bet most people will still not care.

Power Outages – They’re bad enough (and this one was not unexpected) but the most annoying thing is finding all the electronic clocks in the house that need resetting and then remembering how it works on each device. I know – if that’s the only thing I have to complain about the day after a hurricane then I should be grateful. And I am!

Ben and JLo – Who cares?!