Rush the Sportscaster – Limbaugh makes stupid remarks on the radio everyday. What made ESPN think he wouldn’t keep up the proud tradition on their television show?

Governor Ahnold – Conan (the Barbarian, not O’Brien) says he’s sorry for being a sexist jerk. If California elects this guy, they’ll get exactly what they deserve. Whatever the outcome, this election will continue the trend of people being elected with less than a majority of the vote – not to mention far less than a majority of the people who could vote.

Turn Signals – A lot of drivers obviously can’t find the switch for their signals anyway. But of the people that can, why do so many of them start the signal when they’re already in a left turn/right turn ONLY lane? Or worse, why do they start them when they’re already half way through the turn or lane change?

Roadside Candidate Signs – Next week I’m going to count the number of signs for each candidate scattered at every intersection I’m stopped at. I think I’ll vote for the candidate with the least roadside clutter. It will probably be just as useful as reading the crap in the brochures littering my front porch.