The California Recall – Here’s a radical idea. Instead of recalling office holders you don’t like, how about electing good people in the first place? Of course, that would take an electorate that actually paid attention to issues, a news media that wrote about the candidates’ positions instead of tabloid crap, and politicians that cared more about the public good than about being re-elected. Welcome to Fantasyland.

Battlestar Galactica on the SciFi Channel – Some movies shouldn’t be remade because they were perfect the first time (Casablanca, for example). Some shouldn’t be remade because they were lousy ideas to start with. Two guesses where this one falls.

The New $20 Bill – Finally, US money gets some color other than green! Now if we could just find more interesting people and places to put on the bills. One question: why does the government think they need a marketing campaign for money? Including "product placement" on TV shows??

Badgers – Kinda reminds me of Hamster Dance taken to another level (up or down – take your pick). Maybe someone in my Flash class can create something even more annoying.