Friday Random Rants

Limbaugh and Drugs – I have real problems coming up with any sympathy for Rush. Of course, if he’s actually believes his own rantings, he doesn’t want me to.

The Sniper Trial – The media overload is now in full swing around here and I’ve stopped watching local news (again). Unless you live in the DC area you probably aren’t seeing this particular event. But just pick a big tragedy in your area and I’ll bet your local media is in heavy rotation on every bit of news and non-news it can find or create.

Weapons of Mass Destruction – Still looking. After the report to Congress it’s amazing how many different weasel words people came up with to say "we can’t find a damn thing!".

The World Series – I’m not a big baseball fan but the series would have been more interesting with the Cubs or the Red Sox in it. Besides, no matter who wins, next year half the players on the team will leave for more money.