Rolex and Fox News Channel – In Lisa De Moraes’ column today she quotes the president of CNN as saying "If cable news channels were wristwatches, CNN would be Rolex and Fox News Channel would be Timex." A better analogy would be that CNN is a good solid Seiko and Fox News Channel is one of those Rolex knockoffs you get from a guy on the corner that breaks after you get twenty feet away.

The "Error" in the State of the Union – If he believes everything he says, is he lying? It doesn’t matter as long as the goal has been achieved: we avenged daddy’s screw up and made Iraqi safe for Halliburton.

More Stupidity in the Classroom – A California junior college teacher gave an assignment to write an email to a public official with the words "kill the president" in it. Don’t fire him for threatening the president. Fire him for being stupid!

Sex Classes for Five Year Olds – Isn’t the "where did I come from?" talk supposed to be the parents’ job? I sure wouldn’t want to be the teacher in this program!