Arnold’s Dirty Interview – Don’t tell me you’re surprised that Conan (the Barbarian, not O’Brien) was a womanizer, used drugs, or that he was more than willing to brag about it. I’d be amazed, however, if he actually had a plan to fix California’s finances.

NASA’s Manned Space Program – Not only do they need to emphasize safety over politics but they also need to explain much better why we need to have people in space in the first place.

Power Outages in the Washington Area – After a relatively average storm went through the area three days ago, almost 25,000 people around here still don’t have power restored. Who needs terrorists? Our own fragile infrastructure will take us down.

The Honda Element – My nominee for the second ugliest vehicle on the road. The all-time champ is still the butt ugly Pontiac Aztek.