Gas Prices – They go up and politicans fall all over themselves to declare they will investigate and get to the bottom of things. As long as we remain addicted to oil, the pushers will be finding new ways to squeeze out the profits. And politicians, addicted to oil company contributions, like Sgt. Schultz, will see nothing.

The NFL – This week the League rented the Park Service and set up it’s carnival on the Mall here in Washington, which in theory is not supposed to be used for commercial purposes. Yeah, right! Just be glad you haven’t had to put up with this crap as "local news".

The United Nations – Now that the plan to secure Cheney’s Filling Station isn’t working out the way he wanted, W is looking for the UN to help with peacekeeping efforts. Plus it’s going to cost another $60 billion. But, of course, that was the plan all along, right?

Advertising – If all the ads for cellular phones and cars/trucks/SAVs (suburban assault vehicles) were banned, two thirds of the stations on my TV would go out of business. It’s probably a cheap price to pay for being rid of all that crap.