California Silver Linings – At least someone other than stand-up comics are enjoying the California recall election.

A Counterfeit Education – A clerk in a North Carolina supermarket accepted a $200 bill with a picture of W on it for payment and all the store rep could say is that "their normal policy is not to accept bills over $100". I guess hiring idiots IS part of their policy. [Thanks to Tom Tomorrow for the link]

Fight For The Important Things – The teachers of Benton, IL are on strike and parents are upset. Is it because their children are missing out on getting a good education? You must be kidding. The poor kids are being deprived of their football season.

Windows Worms – Our IT people have been sending out warnings about a reappearance of some virus or worm or something that warrants large type and an urgent label. Has anyone thought of a class action against the Big Monopoly? Can I join? Since I use a Mac I’m not directly affected. However, I DO have to listen to all these whining Windows users.