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From Behind the Lounge Door

The Post this morning has a piece on teacher blogging, although the theme is on how it’s become an extension of the teacher’s lounge.

Interesting read. But it would have been nice if the focus of the main article had been on using blogs in teaching and learning. Instead that topic is addressed in a couple of short sidebars.

At least they do a nice profile of Will.

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  1. elementaryhistoryteacher

    I thought the article was interesting but I would have like to see a few more blogs mentioned and more of the real value of these blog. Yes, some of the posts are rants, some are gossipy but many more are thoughtful, insightful views that make the rest of think and sometimes hold more value for me than any $30 book from the latest guru.

  2. DCS

    Thanks for calling attention to the sidebars, especially the one profiling Will.
    By the way, I think Elementaryhistoryteacher makes a good point about how blogs are used as tools for teaching and learning.

    This is my first visit to this site. What a wealth of information!

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