Geek Saturday Chores

I opened my RSS reader this morning intending to take a quick look before moving on to other tasks and noticed that I’m now tracking 219 feeds. And it says I have 924 unread posts.

Of course a few of the feeds (a collection that includes blogs, “regular” news sources, and plenty of sites in between) don’t post entries very often.

But many offer up a half dozen or more entries every day. And anyway you spin it, that’s a lot of information to process.

So, now comes the task of deciding which feeds to drop to make all this more manageable. Without giving me the sense I’m missing something out there (as if I don’t have that feeling already).

I should also do something about the blogroll at the right to make it better reflect the reader.

Welcome to the digital version of the Saturday morning clean up ritual.

rss reader, blogroll, information