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I guess we’re not alone with the big increases in the cost of feeding our cars. And we’re certainly not at the top of the charts when it comes to gas prices.

But with prices surging past 1.40 euro a liter in France (about $8.20 a gallon)…

However, when it comes to conserving fuel and developing transportation alternatives, most European countries are already miles ahead of the US.

Highways are filled with fuel-efficient Smart cars and Minis, most cities have highly developed public transportation systems, and green-minded policies have spawned everything from special bicycle lanes to downtown congestion charges. Now the current surge in the price of oil has many Europeans asking how much leaner they can become.

Considering most American cities, the DC area has a pretty good public transportation system – IF you’re traveling to and from the federal district.

If you need to get between two places in the suburbs, which is my daily pattern, you’re pretty much out of luck.

As to imposing a congestion charge for driving in the district, can you imagine what would happen if the DC government proposed such a thing?

The energy produced by their Congressional nannies railing against it could power the city for years to come.

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  1. Louise Maine

    My environmental science class studied the gas tax (which is not the whole price of gas) as well as the average mpg of the countries cars. Everyone but the US has much higher taxes and as a result drive much better vehicles and have better driving habits.

    This information is not well known. Considering the political talk is shifting to lowering the gas tax here, it is a bad idea. It is a finite resource that we use for more than our cars (pharmaceuticals as well as the synthetic materials we enjoy). I also had students research the estimated reserves still in ground and the future is scary.

    It is time to be brave, decide what is important, and be proactive with new technologies. If there is ever a time for learners to be able to think critically, it is now.

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