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Getting Back to What Passes For Normal

Got back from London yesterday afternoon and am in something of a haze this morning.

I could blame it all on jet lag but my fuzzier than usual condition is actually a combination of two and a half weeks worth of high energy activities.

First there was NECC in San Antonio followed closely by the week in London, with our annual Independence Day madness squeezed in between.

Both trips were excellent experiences but no matter how much fun it is to travel, getting home is always a pleasure, even if a slowly declining amount of chaos remains for a while.

So I’m taking one extra day of leave today to clean up, reset, and sift through the pictures and thoughts of the past 17 days. Lots of illustrated rants coming soon.

Do I really have to go back to the normal routine tomorrow? :-)


  1. Doug Johnson

    Looking forward to your insightful rants!


  2. Tim

    Thanks, Doug.

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