To the growing number of states who are challenging the federal train wreck known as No Child Left Behind you can now add our little Commonwealth (don’t ever call us a state! :-) of Virginia. It would be nice if they were doing it because the law is instructionally unsound and educationally damaging. But no, it’s all about the money.

The both chambers of the General Assembly this week passed a bill directing the Board of Education to do a cost analysis of the law’s impact. They want to know if following all the provisions will cost more or less than the amount that the feds would cut if schools just ignored NCLB. A little extra in the bill also tells the Board to request wavers for any piece of the law that duplicates anything in our Standards of Learning (yep, SOL) or any piece that is "lacking in effectiveness". It will be interesting to see how they measure that.

Ok, so it’s not a revolution. But it’s a start.