The overly large school district that I work for seems like Bowie’s astronaut these days, floating in limbo. Besides looking for a new superintendent (very slowly), we are also waiting for the state legislature to decide on a budget. Virginia is one of those states that has a very part-time legislature and this year the group was supposed to finish up their work by the end of February. It’s almost May and they’re still arguing.

When you combine those two pieces with the instructional suspended animation brought on by the rounds of standardized testing now under way in the schools, nobody seems able to make any decisions on where we go from here. Almost all planning must get delayed until the new superintendent arrives or until after the SOL’s (Standards of Learning but the other SOL could also apply) are finished or especially until after the budget is approved. That doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty to do for us evil, good-for-nothing central office types :-). It just means that we have a lot of "leaders" who don’t want to lead and the future is on hold. Good thing we’re not a business – or we would be out of it.