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Growing Discontent

The rumblings of discontent over No Child Left Behind continue to grow.

Earlier this week, the House of Representatives in my home state of Arizona voted to tell the federal government to keep it’s $600 million, and all the crappy regulations that go with it.

Last month, the legislature here in Virginia was seriously considering a similar bill, although they wound up passing along the responsibility to the state Board of Education.

Not everyone likes the idea of turning back that kind of money, especially in a particularly rough budget year.

But the fact that a growing number of states are standing up to the educational stupidity of NCLB is a hopeful sign.

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  1. Scott S. Floyd


    I had the opportunity to testify before a Senate Select Committee on Accountability this week here in Texas. Guess who was chosen by the state to be on the committee? Sandy Kress. Yep, the author of NCLB was one of those listening to the testimony. He always seemed to have a question and was very defensive of his testing babies he had birthed. He was quick to shift blame of any negatives from his accountability system to the districts and teachers. Figures Texas would turn to him to help craft our newest system. We just never learn sometimes. Then again, I guess you always need the Devil’s Advocate to keep things in perspective. Right?

    Oh, and the committee laughed at the prospect of turning away fed money just to ignore NCLB.

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