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Hard Choices

Today is Election Day in the US, and on the ballot we essentially have two choices.

Members of one group who are obstructionist and fearful of any change, except for that which longs for return to a past that never really existed.

Members of the other group who talk a good game when it comes to change but who aren’t even willing to associate with the few positive advances they have brought about.

And then we have the media covering the election process, most of whom have absolutely no interest in educating their audience, instead spending their limited resources on two things: promoting fights between the two groups and scoreboarding the results.

So, I will do my civic duty and cast my ballot later today. Everyone in this country should do the same.

As always, I hope the people who are elected to office will intelligently address the many complex problems we have in this community/state/nation and work to find meaningful solutions to fix them.

It’s just so damn hard to be that optimistic.

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  1. Diana King

    You have summed it up all too well, Tim.

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