I hate salespeople! Nothing against them personally; I don’t like to be sold anything. Let me take the test drive, play with the dials, try the clothes on – just give me the information (the truth would be nice) and let me make up my own mind. So why did I spend more than two hours yesterday standing in a store at the mall listening to a guy in jeans and a black shirt try to sell me a computer?

Yep, I went down to the Apple Store to watch Steve spin his Reality Distortion Field around the introduction of the new Macintosh G5 pro models. I wasn’t alone either. By the time the keynote (ie: sales talk) began there were more than a hundred other Mac fans in the store waiting to be sold. But I think everyone around me would agree that Steve didn’t need to warp reality much if at all this time. Finally, Apple is getting serious again.

Apple’s software has always been great. Even the Big Monopoly agrees with that, considering how much they’ve stolen over the decades. The quick look we got at the new stuff yesterday – Panther, iChat AV, even the developer’s tools – shows that Apple is going to provide the BM with lots more to copy. But the really big deal in Steve’s keynote is that Apple is serious about hardware again (they do that every so often) and has finally hooked up with a real chip maker in IBM and adopted a processor with a real future.

But I’m still not going to be sold by some slick salesman with a great slide show. I’m not buying what Steve was selling yesterday. I’m waiting for that G5 17" PowerBook. Come on, Steve, sell me one of those real soon!