A superintendent in Massachusetts has failed a basic English proficiency test three times. This after suspending two dozen teachers who failed a similar exam. Do a little math on the side and count all the excuses he has for not passing:

Wilfredo T. Laboy called his failing scores "frustrating" and "emotional." He blamed his performance on a lack of preparation and concentration, as well as the fact that Spanish is his first language. "It bothers me because I’m trying to understand the congruence of what I do here every day and this stupid test," Laboy told The Eagle-Tribune of Lawrence in a story published Sunday. "What brought me down was the rules of grammar and punctuation," Laboy said. "English being a second language for me, I didn’t do well in writing. If you’re not an English teacher, you don’t look at the rules on a regular basis."

Bottom line Mr. Laboy (or is that Dr.), you are the instructional leader of this system and the "congruence" of what you do everyday involves clear and accurate communication, at least partially in the English language. But this is the 21st century so we need someone else to blame. How about if the politicians who require these tests (and who support this superintendent) also be required to pass them?