It’s been two weeks since my new MacBook Pro arrived and I think I’ve got my virtual life pretty well organized again.

Getting a new computer can be a lot like moving to a new house or office. It offers the chance to find new ways to arrange things and to throw out a lot of old stuff. Plus there’s always a few items that go missing in the transition.

This computer is a very sweet integration of hardware and software, beautifully built with an incredibly gorgeous display. It’s also very fast, if you’re using programs compiled for the Intel chip. Otherwise most programs run a little slower, although still better than my old Powerbook.

Great hardware, and software that beats anything coming from Redmond, are certainly great features. However, I think the reason many of us keep coming back to Apple products is the company’s close attention to all sorts of small details.

One example on the MacBook Pro is the trackpad. If you use one finger, the cursor moves around as always. If you use two fingers, the trackpad acts like a scroll wheel, both horizontally and vertically.

I’ve only had the machine for a short time and I’m already hooked on this feature. I find myself trying to do the same thing with the Dull Dell laptop issued by my office – and then being annoyed when it doesn’t work.

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