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Hopscotch is Next

A few years back many schools decided to throw dodgeball off the playground due to concerns about student safety. Some have done the same with tag and other games.

Now, in England, “[t]he sack race and three-legged race have been banned from a school sports day because the children might fall over and hurt themselves”.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the risk of falling over and getting hurt part of being a kid and growing up?


  1. Dave

    Slow news day for Times online? We never did 3-legged races when I was in school…not because of the risk of falling, but because of the inevitability of _dragging_.

    That said, I never broke a bone or really sprained my ankle growing up, and I kind of wish I had lived my recess/PE time a little harder.

  2. Rich Platts

    In high school (and not that long ago) we played “water polo” across the shallow end of the pool. The only stated rule, according to the gym teacher was “No blood in the pool!” needless to say, when he intentionally tossed the jump ball to a scared looking freshman, hilarity ensued. It got better at the end of class when he announced the game’s MVP, most violent player. (Senior year I was a proud recipient) Sadly, water polo has since been banned, even floor hockey apparently produced too many broken bones.

  3. Tim

    Also a slow news day around here. :-)

  4. Kimberly Herbert

    I’m happy to say our coach still has the kids play dodge ball. They call it something else, but it is still dodge ball. She also has serious consequences for pelting someone in the face with the ball.

    We do ban touch football a couple of times a year for a couple of weeks each time. This only happens when the kids forget the difference between touch football and tackle football. (this is at recess not during PE)

    We had sack races at field day this year. The kids fell down laughing. They were soaked to the bone anyways from the two different water relays.

    When one of our kids realized he had left his pocket knife in his backpack after a weekend camping trip. He was able to tell our AP and not get arrested for a mistake. The knife was locked up and parents called to come get it.

    Dad was furious, because he had told the boy to make sure to empty the back pack. Boy had some serious consequences at home including losing the pocket knife for the rest of the semester.

    To bad administration with common sense is such a rare thing. I am glad I have a great admin team at my school.

  5. Jim Gates

    A lawyer’s kid must now be enrolled in that school.

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