For almost as long as Google’s mapping tools have been around, if you searched for One Observatory Circle, Washington DC, you received a very pixelated image.

That is the home of the Vice President of the United States, and, unless you and Wilson were rescued yesterday, you know that the occupant at that address has recently changed.

So has the view from above.

The changeover happened on January 18 in Google Earth, the search engine’s 3D mapping service, and on Thursday in Google Maps. In other words, the vice president’s house was revealed on Google the same week Cheney moved out and Joe Biden moved in.

For the past four years, since Google first began introducing high-resolution satellite imagery into Google Earth and Google Maps, people have noticed that Cheney’s house remained obscured, even as the White House itself could be seen clearly.

A small thing to be sure, but still a sign of more openness and less unnecessary secrecy in the new administration.