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I Don’t Remember That From Government Class

Speaking of the District of Columbia schools (as in the previous post), at one high school in DC students missed the first day of school because their class schedules were not ready. As a result, the principal and one of his assistants were fired.

Someone being fired for incompetence in DC is big news (even more so in the federal sector). But what caught my eye here is a statement by the newly-hired superintendent.

Incoming Superintendent Clifford Janey, hired last month to lead the system out of a decades-old malaise, said the students were denied their constitutional right to an education.

I’m certainly not a Constitutional scholar, but I don’t remember anything in that document about the right to an education. (I have no doubt someone will correct me if I’m wrong. :-)


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  1. aschoolyardblogger

    I think he may have rights confused with parental obligations when it comes to education in the federal and, I would imagine all, state constitutions. Interesting misstatement coming from a school superintendent.

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