I have a question for a small group of my fellow attendees NECC (and you know who you are).

Does your phone have an off switch?

I like to sit in the back of a session, not so I can make a quick exit but so I can also watch the audience and how they react to a speaker. It’s about stealing ideas to become a better presenter myself.

Anyway, I’m amazed/appaled to observe the number of people in the sessions I’ve been in doing the cell phone scramble: the obnoxious ringer fires, they dig around in a bag while the sound gets louder, and then trip over the people between them and the exit answering the call as they go.

Please, out of courtesy to the speaker and the rest of us, postpone your urge to yack for an hour or so.

Or use IM, Twitter, get yourself a blog, any communications tool that’s more silent.

And I will apologize to the speaker in this session for ranting during his presentation. :-)

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