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I’m Blushing

While some topics are harder to write about than others (see anything around here dealing with politics), the most difficult is a post about myself.

But I owe some people some thank yous for the very nice things they’ve been saying about this blog and other stuff I do. So, here goes.

One meme that has been going around the blogosphere the past few weeks is the Thinking Blogger Award in which the blogger highlight five blogs that make them think. I’ve been caught in it twice.

Just before I headed off to the VSTE conference this past week, Diane at Journeys included this little rant list on her short list of blogs in that category.

Just after returning, on my birthday no less, Beth at Thoughts on Technology in the Classroom included AssortedStuff in her list of five that make her think.

Thank you Diane! Thank you Beth!

I appreciate it when anyone takes the time to read (and especially comment on) my posts. But it’s quite humbling when someone actually considers what I’ve written here as thought provoking.

But that wasn’t all.

During the conference itself, participants are asked to submit presentations they’ve attended that they considered a Wow!, a session that they thought was among the best.

So my thanks also to the anonymous someone who added one of my workshops to the Wow! box and to Danny (our executive director/master of ceremonies/stand up comic) for the t-shirt to prove it.

Ok, it’s been a full week but that’s more than enough of tooting my own horn. It’s only taken me three days to write this post. :-)

BTW, I haven’t forgotten that it’s my turn to post a list of the five bloggers who make me think. It’s just very hard to whittle my list down to that few. That will be coming soon.

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  1. Charlene

    Blush on…congratulations! Great work.

  2. Doug Johnson

    Hi Tim,

    This is all praise well deserved! You work hard at your blogging and it shows.

    A FAN,


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