I suppose that title could mean that I’ve written something in this space that needs correcting. Certainly possible, even likely. I haven’t re-read my posts from the past few months, so maybe I messed up and don’t know it yet.

Instead “off” in this case refers to yet another trip. My third in three months. This time we’re in Ireland (first time) on a small-group tour split between Cork and the surrounding area, and Dublin.

Like our family trip in February, this one had to be rescheduled from last fall due to some mundane circumstances. I never intended to stack so much long-distance travel into such a relatively brief time period, but it’s still exciting. Although, I much prefer the fall for this kind of experience.

Anyway, we are on the ground and getting ready for our first full day of activities tomorrow. The agenda is very different from the Amsterdam trip last month, but this kind of tour can still be interesting and fun. And my wife travels best when she has some structure.

We all have our travel styles and it’s good to mix things up a little.

More later, and certainly many photos (with many shades of green) to come.

It has been a long 24 hours of traveling so the image at the top is the best I’ve been able to do. The view out our hotel window in Cork. Will do much better after a good nights sleep.