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The thunderstorm woke me up and I can’t get back to sleep. So here I am in the basement flipping through the TV. At this hour I count 28 channels showing infomercials of one kind or another. Eight exercise machines or videos, three diet plans, four get rich quick schemes, Ron Popiel (is he still alive?) pushing kitchen equipment and some guy in a gaucho hat selling music lessons. And that’s on top of the five channels that sell crap 24 hours a day. Still, all of them seems better than the ten minutes of "Terminator 3" that I watched before moving on. Did people actually pay to see that in the theaters? Several channels are showing reruns of the Democratic convention from a few hours ago. I guess they couldn’t find anyone with an infomercial to sell.

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  1. vito prosciutto

    The big problem with Terminator 3 was Terminator 2. If T2 had never been made, T3 would have been a much better film. There’s a lot to be said that T3 is a lot more consistent with the mythology established in the original Terminator (particularly wrt time travel) than was T2. But at least now that we’re stuck with the gropinator in Sacramento, the rest of the country will be spared any more of his movies.

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